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River Falls Wildcat Track and Field shared IAAF World Athletics Club's Gold for the USA in the women's 4x100m. ... read more

After 🥈 in 2015, USA Track & Field's women reclaim 4x100m #IAAFworlds 🥇 in London with WL 41.82.

Great analysis of acceleration and top speed mechanics ... read more

How Usain Bolt created history and became the fastest man ever !

River Falls Wildcat Track and Field shared EM- SportScience's video. ... read more

Step-by-step mechanics reveal that Usain Bolt hits the ground with a peak force of over 1000 pounds with his right, but not his left leg, in these steps from this high-speed race footage from NBC Universal Sports. Ground forces were determined from Bolt's gait mechanics using a new method described here: jeb.biologists.org/content/early/2016/11/02/jeb.138057 Video by: Locomotor Lab at SMU

Congrats to Sammy clearing 11' with great attempts at 11-6! This makes her third state competition this year! ... read more

Congrats girls 4x4 breaking school record 3:56.94! Winning their heat and sitting 4th going into finals tomorrow! Go wildcats! ... read more